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Jpn Circ J. 1982 Sep;46(9):939-43.

Dietary risk factors of stroke and hypertension in Japan -- Part 2: Validity of urinalysis for dietary salt and protein intakes under a field condition.


Utility of urinalysis as a method for estimating dietary salt and protein intakes was examined in volunteers from farming and fishing villages in Japan and the data was compared to findings in a survey on diets. We found that partial urine samples and even a fasting single spot urine in the a.m. could serve as valid substitutes for 24-hour (hr) urine collections. Further, significant correlations were obtained between levels of salt in the diet estimated by survey interviews and urinary sodium (Na) and between interview-estimated dietary total or animal protein and urinary inorganic sulfate (SO4). In comparative studies between farming and fishing villages, almost the same findings, higher salt in a farming village and higher animal protein in a fishing village, were obtained in the urinalysis and the survey on diets. These findings clearly indicate that urinalysis, as a method for estimating dietary salt and protein intake in population surveys, has distinct advantages.

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