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Am J Hosp Pharm. 1982 Jun;39(6):999-1004.

Adaptation of a workload measurement system.


An adaptation of a previously reported patient-care unit (PCU) system of workload measurement is described. A PCU is any distributive or clinical pharmacy activity related to patient care, and the PCU system of workload measurement relates the activity frequency and the usual time required to complete each activity. The key to the system is the weighting factor (usual time) for each PCU. The PCU system was modified by breaking each PCU into its various elements and determining the time required to complete each element. Several time units were available from references; other units specific for hospital pharmacy were measured. The modified PCU definitions, counting mechanisms, and weighting factors used at the study hospital are included in an appendix. The number of service hours, which is the product of the frequency of each activity and its weighting factor, is an indicator of personnel time devoted to each pharmacy activity. The cost per service hour can be computed and used to set fees for each pharmacy activity. Other practical applications of the PCU system include evaluation of staffing patterns, trend analysis, and documentation of clinical services. The modified PCU system provides a more precise measurement of weighting factors than previously described methods, and it can be adapted by other institutions.

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