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Immun Infekt. 1982 May;10(3):87-9.

[Visceral larva migrans. Successful treatment with fenbendazole (author's transl)].

[Article in German]


Visceral Larva migrans (VLM) is a parasite, which produces a disease by nematode species. Specific hosts are certain mammals. After penetrating the human organism, these parasites never mature to adult worms but can produce a lot of various symptoms which are dependent on the kind of manifestation. Perilous illnesses are described. The incidence is undoubtedly more than is realized. A new microprecipitation test has proved to be highly specific for the diagnosis. An effective nontoxic treatment in human medicine--exept for mebendazole--was not known until now. We report about the illness of a patient with all typical laboratory findings and clinical signs. The application of Fenbendazole for the first time in humans showed to be highly effective against this ubiquitous illness.

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