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Br J Clin Pharmacol. 1982 May;13(5):665-73.

Sublingual buprenorphine used postoperatively: ten hour plasma drug concentration analysis.


1 A 10 h study of plasma drug concentrations of the opiate buprenorphine after use was designed because a previous 3 h study had shown that peak plasma drug concentrations in some patients had not occurred by 3 h after the sublingual dose. 2 Fifteen postoperative patients were studied: at 3 h after a 0.3 mg intravenous dose five patients received a sublingual preparation of 0.4 mg of buprenorphine, five 0.8 mg of buprenorphine and five placebo. Plasma drug concentrations of buprenorphine were measured by specific radioimmuno-assay. 3 Plasma drug concentrations after sublingual buprenorphine were significantly higher than those in the placebo group by 1 h. They remained significantly higher over the succeeding nine hours. The mean time to peak plasma drug concentration was about 200 min in both the 0.4 mg and 0.8 mg groups (range 90-360 min). The plasma drug concentrations in the 0.8 mg group were approximately twice those in the 0.4 mg group; the ratio of the relative systemic availabilities was similarly 1.8:1. The absolute systemic availability was estimated at about 55% for both groups. Uptake of buprenorphine from the sublingual site was essentially complete by 5 h after the dose was given. 4 The implications for the timing of sublingual doses in clinical use are discussed.

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