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Nucleic Acids Res. 1982 Mar 25;10(6):1929-46.

The tRNA-like structure at the 3' terminus of turnip yellow mosaic virus RNA. Differences and similarities with canonical tRNA.


The 3' terminus of TYMV RNA, which possesses tRNA-like properties, has been studied. A 3' terminal fragment of 112 nucleotides was obtained by cleavage with RNase H after hybridization of a synthetic oligodeoxynucleotide to the viral RNA. The accessibility of cytidine and adenosine residues was probed with chemical modification. Enzymatic digestion studies were performed with RNase T1, nuclease S1 and the double-strand specific RNase from the venom of the cobra Naja naja oxiana. A model is proposed for the secondary structure of the 3' terminal region of TYMV RNA comprising 86 nucleotides. The main feature of this secondary structure is the absence of a conventional acceptor stem as present in canonical tRNA. However, the terminal 42 nucleotides can be folded in a tertiary structure which bears strong resemblance with the acceptor arm of canonical tRNA. Comparison of this region of TYMV RNA with that of other RNAs from both the tymovirus group and the tobamovirus group gives support to our proposal for such a three-dimensional arrangement. The consequences for the recognition by TYMV RNA of tRNA-specific enzymes is discussed.

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