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Life Sci. 1982 Mar 15;30(11):953-61.

High affinity binding sites for gamma-hydroxybutyric acid in rat brain.


The existence of a specific synthesizing enzyme for gamma-hydroxybutyric acid in rat brain has recently been reported. Here, for the first time, we demonstrate the presence of a high affinity, apparently specific binding site for this compound in the same tissue. This binding does not require Na+ and takes place optimally at pH 5.5. The bound gamma-hydroxybutyric acid is not displacable by GABA or baclofen. We report here on some structurally related compounds of GHB with a similar or better binding capacity than GHB itself. The number of binding sites increases with age up to adulthood and differs depending on the brain region. In primary tissue cultures of pure chicken neurones and glia, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid binding occurs exclusively in the neuronal preparations.

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