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Cell. 1982 Feb;28(2):303-13.

Nucleotide sequences of influenza virus segments 1 and 3 reveal mosaic structure of a small viral RNA segment.


Defective interfering RNAs of influenza virus are small segments derived from viral segments 1, 2 and 3. We present here the complete nucleotide sequences of segments 1 and 3 from the human influenza strain A/PR/8/34 and deduce that the sequence of a small RNA segment from A/NT/60/68, apparently a defective interfering RNA, is derived from five separate regions in segment 3 and from one region in segment 1. These regions, which are located near the terminal of the two parental segments, are arranged in the small RNA segment in an alternating fashion: thus a region derived from near 5' terminus is adjacent to a region derived from near a 3' terminus. We propose that the small segment is generated during positive strand synthesis as a result of the viral polymerase pausing at uridine-rich sequences in the template and reinitiating synthesis at another site.

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