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Brain Res Bull. 1982 Jan;8(1):23-32.

Chemoreceptors for serotonin (5-HT), acetylcholine (ACh), bradykinin (BK), histamine (H) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) on rabbit visceral afferent neurons.


The somata of type 'C' neurons in rabbit nodose ganglion are endowed with receptor sites for 5-HT, BK, ACh, II and GABA. 5-HT and ACh application to type 'C' neurons in the nodose ganglion of rabbits produced a rapid depolarization associated with an increased membrane conductance, most likely to Na+ and K+. BK and H elicited slow depolarizations accompanied by a decreased membrane conductance probably to K+. GABA induced a rapid depolarization associated with an increased conductance to Cl-. In contrast, type 'A' neurons were insensitive to the four algesic agents but responded to GABA. d-Tubocurarine or picrotoxin at relatively low concentrations blocked ACh, 5-HT and GABA depolarizations without affecting membrane properties. Hexamethonium blocked ACh responses but not 5-HT responses. In addition, no desensitization occurred between the substances 5-HT, ACh or BK. The results suggest that the depolarizing effect of these agents on visceral neurons might be exerted via different receptors.

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