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Br J Haematol. 1977 Jul;36(3):327-35.

The Duffy blood group determinants: their role in the susceptibility of human and animal erythrocytes to Plasmodium knowlesi malaria.


Duffy blood group negative erythrocytes from blacks are refractory to invasion by Plasmodium knowlesi merozoites in vitro, and blacks with this genotype are resistant to infection by P. vivax in vivo. In order to evaluate in a direct manner the role of Duffy blood group determinants in invasion by P. knowlesi merozoites, we studied erythrocytes from three rare non-black Duffy negative individuals, Fy(a-b-), in whom the Duffy negative phenotype probably represents a mutation and not the introduction of the black Fy gene. These cells were resistant to invasion by P. knowlesi in vitro indicating that resistance to invasion is mediated by the FyFy genotype and not another closely linked factor. The erythrocyte receptors for invasion, however, may not be the Fya or Fyb Duffy antigens themselves, or at least not restricted to these determinants, since refractory Duffy negative human erythrocytes were invaded after treatment with trypsin or neuraminidase although these enzyme-treated cells still lacked Fy a and Fy b determinants. Furthermore, new world monkey erythrocytes and chymotrypsinized chimpanzee and kra monkey erythrocytes were invaded, although there was no serologic evidence of Fya or Fyb determinants on these cells.

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