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Arch Microbiol. 1980 Dec;128(2):162-71.

Direct studies of dikaryotization in Schizophyllum commune. I. Live inter-cellular nuclear migration patterns.


Compatible matings of Schizophyllum commune were performed on glucose-peptone-yeast extract medium appended with gelatin (18%) and studied by phase contrast microscopy during nuclear migration. Three categories of nuclear migration were observed. Type I involved a pulsatile jerking of the entire cytoplasmic contents of the hypha, changed direction periodically, and, during periods of cytoplasmic tranquility, the nucleus continued to migrate. Type II A migration of nuclei occurred in the absence of visible cytoplasmic flow. Both Type I and Type II A nuclear movements exceeded the hyphal growth rate by 10--20-fold. Type II B nuclear migration also occurred in the absence of visible cytoplasmic flow and the velocity was within the range of the hyphal growth rate. No specific organelles that were detected either directed or facilitated Type II A or Type II B nuclear movements. The nucleolus could either lead or trail relative to the direction of nuclear movement. Nuclear migration can be attributed to both cytoplasmic flow and self motility, depending upon the particular regions of the migration hypha in which it occurs.

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