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Mol Gen Genet. 1980;180(3):579-84.

Maintenance of some ColE1-type plasmids in chemostat culture.


When cells carrying the plasmids RP1, pDS4101 (a ColK derivative) or pDS1109 (a ColE1 derivative) were maintained in chemostat culture in the absence of antibiotic selection, plasmid-free segregants were not detected after 120 generations of nutrient-limited growth. By contrast, plasmid-free segregants of pMB9- and pBR322-containing cells arose after approximately 30 generations, irrespective of the host genetic background. However, even though pDS1109 was maintained its copy-number fell five-fold during 80 generations of limited growth. It is suggested that loss of pBR322 occurs following a similar copy-number decrease which results in defective segregation of the plasmid to daughter host cells. This defective segregation was not complemented in trans by either RP1 or pDS4101.

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