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J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 1980 Dec;51(6):1257-61.

Neurotensin infusion in man: pharmacokinetics and effect on gastrointestinal and pituitary hormones.


Synthetic neurotensin was infused into five healthy subjects at a mean dose of 2.3 pmol/kg . min for 30 min, producing a rise in plasma neurotensin concentrations, measured by RIA of 104 +/- 10 (mean +/- SEM) pmol/liter. The mean disappearance half-time on stopping the infusion was 3.8 +/- 0.2 min. The MCR was 16 +/- 1 ml/kg . min, and the apparent space of distribution was 88 +/- 6 ml/kg. During the neurotensin infusions, plasma pancreatic polypeptide rose by 145 +/- 54 pmol/liter. In contrast to results in experimental animals, there was no significant change in the pulse or blood pressure of the subjects or any significant change in blood glucose or plasma concentrations of insulin, glucagon, gastric inhibitory peptide, gastrin, motilin, or vasoactive intestinal peptide. Similarly, there was no change in plasma concentrations of TSH, GH, PRL, LH, and FSH.

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