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Plasma renin activity, vasopressin concentration, and urinary excretory responses to exercise in men.


Plasma vasopressin concentration (PAVP), renal function, and effectors of vasopressin release were evaluated in male volunteers during running at heart rates of 0, 35, 70, and 100% of maximum after 10 h abstinence from water (normal hydration) and at 100% after ingestion of 300 ml water. Plasma renin activity (PRA) and PAVP were linearly correlated and correlated to work intensity over all observations. Changes in PAVP were not correlated with changes in plasma osmolality (POSMOL) and plasma volume (PV) over all observations. Furthermore, despite similar changes in POSMOL, PV, PRA, body weight, mean arterial pressure, and plasma lactate concentration, the increase in PAVP after maximal exercise was greater during normal hydration than the water-supplemented state. Decreased urine flow observed in association with exercise was characterized by increased free water and decreased osmotic and creatinine clearances. Thus increased PAVP associated with exercise appears not to play a role in the concomitant antidiuresis. Vasopressin stimuli are probably variable at different times during exercise and may include factors other than those measured.

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