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Mol Gen Genet. 1980;178(3):639-46.

Characterization and cloning of plasmid like DNA of the ascomycete Podospora anserina.


The previously reported existence of plasmid-like (pl) DNA in senescent mycelia of Podospora anserina was confirmed using new methodology. Detailed anaysis of bulk DNA has further shown a possible relationship between pl DNA and mt DNA. According to biophysical and electron microscopic experiments the pl DNA was found to consist of oligomeres having a basic unit with a contour length of 0.75 micrometer corresponding to 2.4 kb. To overcome the handicap that pl DNA is only produced in rather small amounts in the aging mycelia, this DNA was cloned in E. coli after insertion into a bacterial plasmid vector, pBR 322. It was possible to isolate a stable hybrid plasmid consisting of the vector and only one integrated monomere of pl DNA. The composition of this hybrid plasmid was confirmed by restriction endonuclease analysis and heteroduplex formation. A restriction map of the pl DNA is presented and its insertion site onto pBR 322 indicated.

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