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Gene. 1980 May;9(3-4):233-46.

Cloning of carp preproinsulin cDNA in the bacterial plasmid pBR322.


The successful cloning of recombinants between cDNA from fractionated poly(A)+-RNA of Brockmann bodies of the carp and the plasmid pBR322 in Escherichia coli chi 1776 is reported. One of the recombinant clones has been identified as a preproinsulin-cDNA recombinant by the hybrid-arrest translation assay. Recombination was at the PstI site of pBR322; reconstitution of this site was by 3'-tailing of the vector with dGn. The transformants were screened by in situ hybridization with kinase-labeled poly(A)+-RNA sedimenting at 9S from Brockmann bodies. Restriction analysis was performed on 26 of the strongly hybridizing clones to estimate the size of the inserted cDNA. Six of the recombinants studied contain inserts of a size approximating to full length 9S preproinsulin mRNA. The hybrid-arrest translation assay on selected clones identified one as a recombinant containing the preproinsulin cDNA sequence.

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