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Metabolism. 1980 Apr;29(4):386-91.

Experimental diets affect pancreatic insulin and glucagon differently in male and female mice.


The influence of food composition on pancreatic insulin and glucagon content was studied in NMRI-mice of both sexes. The mice were divided into five groups, each given a different diet from the age of 1 mo to 3 mo: (A) laboratory chow as control; (B) high sucrose; (C) high animal fat; (D) high vegetable fat; and (E) a mixed diet with sucrose (40%), fat (40%) and protein (20%). Irrespective of the diet composition, female mice had a higher pancreatic insulin and glucagon content and an overall lower blood-sugar throughout the experimental period. In both sexes, blood sugar was highest in diets with a high fat content. The highest pancreatic insulin content was found in female mice fed the mixed diet (E) and in male mice fed the sucrose diet (B). In male mice, only the vegetable fat diet led to a decreased pancreatic insulin content. Pancreatic glucagon was increased in female mice given vegetable fat (D). In male mice, pancreatic glucagon was depressed with the animal fat diet (C). These results suggest that the composition of food influences the pancreatic content of insulin and glucagon differently in female and male mice.

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