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Cell. 1982 Aug;30(1):185-92.

A fetal skeletal muscle actin mRNA in the mouse and its identity with cardiac actin mRNA.


We compare a recombinant cDNA plasmid (pAF81) complementary to a fetal skeletal muscle actin mRNA with a plasmid (pAM91) complementary to the actin mRNA expressed in adult skeletal muscle. The two mRNAs are significantly diverged in silent nucleotide positions; they are coexpressed in fetal skeletal muscle, and in differentiating muscle cell cultures their accumulation begins coordinately. The sequence of pAF81 shows that the amino acid sequence of mouse fetal skeletal muscle actin is almost identical to that of adult bovine cardiac actin. Hybridization of pAF81 to RNA from different mouse tissues shows that fetal skeletal muscle actin mRNA is very homologous or identical to fetal and adult cardiac actin mRNA. Only one gene homologous to pAF81 is detected on blots of restricted mouse DNA. We conclude that this gene must be expressed both in fetal skeletal muscle and in fetal heart. Whereas mRNA transcribed from this gene is the major actin mRNA species in adult heart, it is present in low amounts, if at all, in adult skeletal muscle.

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