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Cell Tissue Res. 1983;232(1):111-9.

Sensory receptors associated with the stylets and cibarium of the rice brown planthopper, Nilapavarta lugens.


The stylets of Nilapavarta lugens consist of two maxillae that interlock to form separate food and salivary ducts partially surrounded by two mandibles. The ultrastructure of the sensory innervation of the stylets is described. Each maxilla possesses five neurones which extend to the tip of the stylet. The mandibles also contain five neurones, four of which are paired. The paired neurones comprise a shorter dendrite extending part of the way along the stylet and a longer one extending to the tip. The possible functions of these neurones are discussed. Gustatory receptors are located in the small passageway leading from the food duct to the cibarium. The receptors are in two distinct groups on the epipharyngeal side and one group on the hypopharyngeal side of the food canal. Two to five neurones innervate each receptor which connects to the food canal via a small pore.

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