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Am J Ophthalmol. 1983 Aug;96(2):148-52.

Optic disk and visual field correlations in primary open-angle and low-tension glaucoma.


If the amount of visual field loss is less than expected from the amount of optic disk cupping in low-tension glaucoma compared with primary open-angle glaucoma, it might imply a difference between the two conditions in the type of optic nerve lesion produced. To test this hypothesis, three observers independently examined, in a masked fashion, optic disk stereoscopic photographs of 127 eyes with primary open-angle glaucoma and 71 eyes with low-tension glaucoma. For each stereoscopic photograph the observer predicted whether the visual field loss would be mild, moderate, or severe. The visual field were then classified, according to the number of sectors defective on the Goldmann perimeter chart, as having mild (1 to 15 sectors), moderate (16 to 30 sectors), or severe (more than 30 sectors) visual field loss. For no observer did the frequency of underpredictions or overpredictions in the two conditions differ significantly. The results of this study, thus, did not support the theory that the optic disk damage in primary open-angle glaucoma differs from that in low-tension glaucoma.

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