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Am J Med. 1978 Aug;65(2):352-60.

Unusual cardiac, renal and pulmonary involvement in Gaucher's disease. Intersitial glucocerebroside accumulation, pulmonary hypertension and fatal bone marrow embolization.


A 25 year old black woman who had manifestations of Gaucher's disease since one year of age is described. This patient had clinically significant cardiac, renal and pulmonary involvement with Gaucher's disease. Interstitial infiltration of the myocardium by Gaucher cells caused decreased left ventricular compliance and decreased cardiac output. In the kidney, Gaucher cells were present in the mesangium of the glomeruli and the interstitium of the cortex. Also, electron dense, intramembranous granular deposits were seen in glomeruli on electron microscopy. The pulmonary findings included pulmonary arterial hypertension, accentuated basilar deposition of glucocerebroside in the interstitium of alveolar septums and fatal bone marrow embolization.

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