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Cell Tissue Res. 1983;229(1):175-81.

Septate junctions with paired septa in the cephalochordate Branchiostoma lanceolatum.


The cells of the atrial epithelium of Branchiostoma lanceolatum are interconnected by an apical zonula adhaerens and a septate junction extending between the apical zonula adhaerens and a level corresponding to the middle of the nucleus. The spacing of the septa, which are relatively few in number (about 10), varies considerably. Within the junction paired and unpaired septa occur. The thickness of the paired septa measures 16-25 nm, the distance between the individual septa of the paired structure 6-12 nm, and the intercellular space at the site traversed by the septa 17-20 nm. At the intersection between three cells the septa (paired or unpaired) delineate a central triangular space.

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