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J Pediatr. 1983 Feb;102(2):239-42.

Anterior sacral defects: an autosomal dominantly inherited condition.


Anterior sacral meningoceles and presacral teratomas are rare congenital malformations associated with a sacrococcygeal bony defect. The inheritance of anterior sacral meningoceles has been proposed to be X-linked dominant, whereas presacral teratomas have been reported to be autosomal dominantly inherited. Anterior meningoceles and teratomas may occur independently or in combination. We report a family in whom at least 11 individuals of three generations have partial sacral agenesis and have had either anterior sacral meningoceles, teratomas, or both. Male-to-male transmission has been documented. Although the existing literature differentiates the inheritance of anterior meningoceles from that of the teratomas, the pleiotropic effects of the gene causing these anterior sacral defects in this family is evident and is consistent with autosomal-dominant inheritance.

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