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Chromosoma. 1982;86(3):309-17.

Meiosis in Drosophila melanogaster. IV. The conjunctive mechanism of the XY bivalent.


Chromosome pairing during meiosis I in D. melanogaster males was investigated ultrastructurally by examining complete bivalents in electron micrographs of serial thin sections. The XY bivalent is characterized by the presence of the unique material located between the two half-bivalents at the site of synapsis. The material has a fibrillar appearance and is less electron dense than the surrounding chromatin. XY bivalents in XYY males and XY bivalents containing the X chromosome, In (1) sc4LSC8R, where the pairing sites of the X chromosome are inverted and partially deleted also possess this material. The material is not associated with autosomal bivalents and may represent a morphological manifestation of the hypothetical cohesive elements (collochores) which are thought to function in conjunction of the X and Y chromosomes (Cooper, 1964).

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