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How vitamin C, clofibrate and diosgenin control cholesterol metabolism in male guinea-pigs.


Following daily administration of cholesterol-enriched scorbutogenic diet to male guinea-pigs for 24 days, elevation of tissue cholesterol level occurred with concurrent pronounced depletion of tissue ascorbic acid. When these hypercholesterolemic guinea-pigs received clofibrate or diosgenin with or without daily supplementary vitamin C for 10 days, alterations in the bodyweight, plasma and hepatic ascorbic acid and clofibrate and diosgenin separately caused reduction in bodyweight and also in tissue ascorbic acid and cholesterol levels. In contrast, bodyweight and tissue ascorbic acid concentrations were increased by vitamin C alone or in combination with clofibrate or diosgenin. The cholesterol lowering actions of clofibrate and diosgenin were enhanced by daily supplementary vitamin C in hypercholesterolemic guinea-pigs. It is concluded that vitamin C plays an important role in the control of cholesterol metabolism in hypercholesterolemic guinea-pigs receiving clofibrate or diosgenin.

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