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J Parasitol. 1981 Aug;67(4):475-80.

Partial characterization of a Trypanosoma cruzi-released decomplementing factor.


Trypanosoma cruzi releases a factor (SCAF) when grown in vitro which decomplements normal mouse, human, and guinea pig sera. The production and potency of SCAF was dependent on the density of cultured parasites, parasite viability and proliferative capacity, and duration of culture. The in vitro interaction between SCAF and serum complement (C') occurred rapidly and was complete within 30 min of mixing. The administration of SCAF to normal mice resulted in up to 50% reduction in hemolytic C' activity, whereas SCAF had no effect on the C' levels in mice infected wit T. cruzi for more than 10 days. The active moiety of SCAF was shown to be a nonproteinaceous substance(s) with a molecular weight of approximately 23,000 daltons.

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