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J Neurochem. 1980 Oct;35(4):815-22.

The effects of various incubation temperatures, particulate isolation, and possible role of calmodulin on the activity of the base exchange enzymes of rat brain.


The involvement of calmodulin in the choline, ethanolamine, and serine exchange activities of rat brain microsomes was investigated. Calmodulin stimulated choline exchange activity to a greater extent than ethanolamine and serine exchange activities. The three base exchange activities were inhibited by antipsychotic drugs believed to prevent calmodulin interaction, but not by calmodulin-binding protein. The solutions employed for tissue homogenization and subsequent isolation of microsomes greatly influenced the base exchange activities. The process of resuspending isolated microsomes and recentrifugation, or "washing," produced major losses of detectable activity. The base exchange enzyme activities were maximal at 45 degrees, and Arrhenius plots revealed a common transition temperature of 31 degrees. The activation energies for the base exchange reactions decreased at temperatures above the observed transition temperature. Kinetic data, Km and Vmax, for the base exchange activities at 27, 37, and 45 degrees are presented.

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