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Br J Exp Pathol. 1980 Oct;61(5):521-7.

A comparison of the association of Neisseria gonorrhoeae with human and guinea-pig genital mucosa maintained in organ culture.


Organ cultures of human and guinea-pig genital mucosa were inoculated with Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and the association of the bacteria with the epithelial surface of each tissue was studied by light microscopy and by scanning electron microscopy. Gonococci attached to the mucosa of human fallopian tube, adhering specifically to the surface of non-ciliated epithelial cells. In contrast, gonococci rarely attached to the mucosal surface of guinea-pig uterine horn, vagina or bladder, although organisms were occasionally seen associated with the submucosal tissue in areas where the epithelium had sloughed, and in extracellular mucus secretions. There is no evidence from this study that gonococci adhere to guinea-pig tissue in a manner analogous to that seen with human genital tissue.

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