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Maturitas. 1980 Jan;2(1):59-67.

Estrogen receptors in human vaginal tissue.


The presence of specific estrogen receptors could be demonstrated in vaginal tissue, obtained during operation from 38 women, age 27--75 yr. In 23 premenopausal women the receptor concentration in the vaginal tissue varied between 12 and 91 fmol/mg protein, no significant difference in the receptor level was found between the proliferative and secretory phase of the menstrual cycle, classified by endometrial histology. In 15 postmenopausal patients, the receptor level varied between 4 and 119 fmol/mg protein. In the last group a significant negative correlation (R = -0.72) was found between the vaginal estrogen receptor level and the Maturation Value of the vaginal smear; no correlations were found between the receptor level and the plasma levels of estrone, estradiol, LH, FSH and SHBG. No systematic differences in the receptor concentration in various parts of the vagina were observed. There was no correlastion between the receptor level and age of the patients.

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