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Biochem J. 1980 Mar 1;185(3):647-58.

Pathways in the activation of human coagulation factor X.


Purified human Factor X (apparent mol.wt. 72000), which consists of two polypeptide chains (mol.wt. 55000 and 19000), was activated by both Russell's-viper venom and the purified physiological activators (Factor VII/tissue factor and Factor IXa/Factor VIII). They all convert Factor X to catalytically active Factor Xa (mol.wt. 54000) by cleaving the heavy chain at a site on the N-terminal region. In the presence of Ca2+ and phospholipid, the Factor Xa formed catalyses (a) the cleavage of a small peptide (mol.wt. 4000) from the C-terminal region of the heavy chain of Factor Xa, resulting in a second active form (mol.wt. 50000), and (b) the cleavage of a peptide containing the active-site serine residue (mol.wt. 13000) from the C-terminal region of the heavy chain of Factor X, resulting in an inactivatable component (mol.wt. 59000). A nomenclature for the various products is proposed.

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