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Somatic Cell Genet. 1980 Jan;6(1):29-44.

Supermelanotic hybrids derived from mouse melanomas and normal mouse cells.


Hybrids formed between HPRT- Cloudman mouse melanoma and normal cells were isolated. The parental origin of the hybrids was verified by isoenzyme and karyotype analyses. These hybrid cells differed in two major characteristics from hybrids of melanoma and established fibroblastic cells. (1) They grew as tumors when injected into mice, and (2) they expressed differentiated melanocytic functions. At least one of the differentiated functions was overexpressed. The specific activity of tyrosinase was 3-20 times higher in the hybrid cells than in the parental mouse melanoma. The overexpression of tyrosinase in these hybrid cells has been stable for more than a year, has been transmitted to subclones of the original hybrid cell lines, and has been expressed in tumors that grew after injections of hybrid cells into animals.

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