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Mol Cell Biol. 1981 Feb;1(2):83-93.

Isolation and characterization of dominant mutations resistant to carbon catabolite repression of galactokinase synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Department of Industrial Chemistry, Tottori University, Japan.


Seven dominant mutations showing greatly enhanced resistance to the glucose repression of galactokinase synthesis have been isolated from GAL81 mutants, which have the constitutive phenotype but are still strongly repressible by glucose for the synthesis of the Leloir enzymes. These glucose-resistant mutants were due to semidominant mutations at either of two loci, GAL82 and GAL83. Both loci are unlinked to the GAL81- gal4, gal80, or gal7 X gal10 X gal1 locus or to each other. The GAL83 locus was mapped on chromosome V at a site between arg9 and cho1. The GAL82 and GAL83 mutations produced partial resistance of galactokinase to glucose repression only when one or both of these mutations were combined with a GAL81 or a gal80 mutation. The GAL82 and GAL83 mutations are probably specific for expression of the Leloir pathway and related enzymes, because they do not affect the synthesis of alpha-D-glucosidase, invertase, or isocitrate lyase.

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