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J Urol. 1982 Dec;128(6):1382-4.

Vaginal immunization against urinary tract infection.


In an attempt to lessen susceptibility to induced urinary tract infections, rats were immunized by a non-traumatic, non-parenteral, intra-vaginal route. Up to 8 weeks following vaginal immunization against Escherichia coli O6, there was decreased adherence of viable E. coli O6 to the rats' bladder epithelium. Scanning electron microscopy of the urothelium revealed that immunized rats had less epithelial swelling, exfoliation, and surface mucin disruption than non-immunized control animals. Immunized animals also cleared an induced E. coli O6 infection from the kidneys and bladder faster than control animals. Vaginal immunization may offer a new approach to prophylaxis and treatment of ascending urinary tract infections.

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