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Steroids. 1978 May;31(5):661-9.

A quantitative gas-liquid chromatographic method for the estimation of hecogenin and tigogenin in the leaves, juice and sapogenin concentrates of Agave sisalana.


A gas-liquid chromatographic method has been devised for the routine estimation of the hecogenin [3beta-hydroxy-(25R)-5beta-spirostan-12-one] and tigogenin [ (25R)-5beta-spirostan-3beta-ol] contents of Agave sisalana leaf and juice samples and of the crude sapogenin concentrates known as "coffee grounds". Because of partial degradation of the sapogenins in the GLC system it was found necessary to acetylate the compounds prior to their estimation. In East African samples the tigogenin proportion of the total sapogenin content is usually about 10%. At this level, the 95% inverse tolerance limits on predicted tigogenin weights are approximately +/- 7%.

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