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J Clin Pharmacol. 1984 May-Jun;24(5-6):235-9.

The effects of five potassium chloride preparations on the upper gastrointestinal mucosa in healthy subjects receiving glycopyrrolate.


The effects on the upper gastrointestinal tract of five different preparations of KCl were compared in 90 healthy subjects treated with glycopyrrolate. The KCl preparations studied were wax-matrix KCl, microencapsulated KCl, liquid KCl, experimental extended-release capsules, experimental extended-release tablets,and placebo. The subjects were endoscoped prior to and after seven days of dosing. Upper gastrointestinal mucosal pathology was seen with all of the potassium preparations as well as with placebo. No statistically significant differences between the various KCl groups or between KCl groups and placebo were seen. All of the lesions were superficial, except for one ulcer seen with the microencapsulated KCl. None of the subjects developed occult gastrointestinal bleeding. There were no differences in the incidence of abdominal symptoms.

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