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Cell. 1984 Jul;37(3):949-57.

Nucleotide and deduced polypeptide sequences of the photosynthetic reaction-center, B870 antenna, and flanking polypeptides from R. capsulata.


The complete nucleotide sequence (8867 bp) and the deduced polypeptide sequence are given for 11 proteins from the photosynthetic gene cluster of R. capsulata (46 kb), including the photosynthetic reaction-center L, M, and H subunits and the B870 alpha and B870 beta polypeptides (light-harvesting I). These polypeptides bind bacteriochlorophyll, bacteriopheophytin, carotenoids, and quinones that are involved in the primary light reactions of photosynthesis. Hydropathy plots indicate that the L and M subunits are transmembrane proteins that may cross the membrane five times, while the H subunit has only one hydrophobic section near the amino terminus, which may be transmembrane. The L and M subunits are homologous over their entire length and have a high degree of homology with the QB protein from photosystem II of higher plants. An additional six genes were identified that may have some unknown role in bioenergetics since only mutations that affect the differentiation of the photosynthetic apparatus are known to map to this gene cluster.

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