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J Comp Neurol. 1984 Jun 10;226(1):21-7.

Topographic organization of the olivocochlear projections from the lateral and medial zones of the superior olivary complex.


By anterograde tracing using autoradiography, we have found topographic organizations in the projections of both medial and lateral olivocochlear (OC) systems in the cat. Lateral-zone injections show an ipsilateral cochleotopic projection pattern with more medial injections projecting more basally in the cochlea. In the contralateral cochlea, in contrast, the projections from all of the lateral-zone injections were predominantly to the apex. However, detailed analysis suggests the possibility that the contralateral lateral-zone projections may have the same cochleotopic organization as the ipsilateral projections but with a heavy bias toward the apex. Medial-zone injections show a pattern in which more dorsal regions project more basally in both cochleas. The ipsilateral projections of lateral OC neurons appear to connect regions with similar best frequencies but the projections of medial OC neurons do not. Summation of data from all of the injections in each zone indicates that lateral OC projections are relatively evenly distributed throughout the ipsilateral cochlea but are predominantly to the apex in the contralateral cochlea. Medial OC projections are predominantly to the middle and basal parts of the cochlea on both sides with contralateral projections somewhat more basal than ipsilateral projections.

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