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Dev Biol. 1984 May;103(1):258-62.

Differentiation of presumptive primordial germ cell (pPGC)-like cells in explants into PGCs in experimental tadpoles.


A single blastomere containing the "germ plasm" of 32-cell stage Xenopus embryos was cultured with [3H]thymidine until the control embryos developed to the neurula stage. The explants, showing a spherical mass in which the nuclei of all cells were labeled, were implanted into the prospective place of presumptive primordial germ cells (pPGCs) in the endodermal cell mass of unlabeled host embryos of the neurula stage. Labeled PGCs as well as unlabeled, host PGCs were found in the genital ridges of experimental tadpoles. This indicates that the precursor of germ cells, corresponding to pPGCs in normal embryos of the neurula stage, in the explants migrated to genital ridges just at the right moment to become PGCs, and suggests that the developmental process progressed normally, even in the explants, as far as the differentiation of pPGCs is concerned.

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