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J Appl Bacteriol. 1984 Feb;56(1):25-40.

A numerical taxonomic study of lactic acid bacteria from vacuum-packed beef, pork, lamb and bacon.


A numerical taxonomic study using 79 unit characters has been performed on 100 isolates of lactic acid bacteria from refrigerated vacuum-packed beef, pork, lamb and bacon. Three clusters were observed at 78% S which contained all the strains apart from three unidentifiable streptobacteria, one Leuconostoc, and one strain of Pediococcus pentosaceus. One cluster (III) consisted of only one strain of Leuc. paramesenteroides and six unidentifiable Leuconostoc strains. The two largest clusters (I and II) were both composed entirely of streptobacteria. Cluster I contained 31 strains (G + C content 33.2-36.9 moles%) which were not identifiable with any described species. Cluster II contained 57 strains (G + C content 40.7-43.7 moles %) which were provisionally identified with Lactobacillus sake or Lact. bavaricus according to the lactic acid isomer produced. The division of nearly all the streptobacteria into two clearly defined clusters has resolved problems which have existed in the classification of lactic acid bacteria from vacuum-packed meat.

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