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Clin Exp Immunol. 1984 Mar;55(3):593-601.

IgG subclass distribution of antibodies against S. aureus teichoic acid and alpha-toxin in normal and immunodeficient donors.


IgM, IgG, IgA and IgE class and IgG and IgA subclass levels were determined in 18 IgG2 deficient and six IgG3 deficient donors. IgG2 deficiency was associated with concomitant IgG4, IgA (in particular IgA2) and IgE deficiency. This pattern is compatible with a regulation defect of the downstream switch in the heavy chain locus on chromosome 14. IgG3 subclass deficiency was not associated with further deficiencies. Specific anti-teichoic acid antibodies were lacking in most IgG2 deficient donors supporting the notion that anti-teichoic acid antibodies are normally of this subclass. This was also confirmed in a subclass-specific ELISA using sera from normal donors although substantial amounts of specific IgG1 antibodies were also noted. Two IgG2 deficient donors had normal IgG titres (IgG1 in the subclass specific ELISA) and the lack of IgG1 anti-teichoic acid antibodies in most IgG2 deficient donors may suggest a lack of maturation of the appropriate idiotype. IgG antibodies to alpha-toxin, a pure protein, were within the lower normal range in a large proportion of IgG2 deficient donors but largely normal in the IgG3 deficient donors.

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