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Arch Dermatol Res. 1984;276(1):12-6.

PUVA-induced erythema and changes in mechanoelectrical properties of skin. Inhibition by tocopherols.


Influence of antioxidants on two phototoxic effects of 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) was studied: erythema and changes in mechanoelectrical properties of skin. alpha-Tocopherol and its analogs with shortened lateral hydrocarbon chains at C2-atoms of chromane groups (chromanols) were used as antioxidants. alpha-Tocopherol and its analogs inhibited both phototoxic effects of 8-MOP. Inhibition was observed only if antioxidants were present in skin during irradiation. When applied after irradiation these antioxidants produce no inhibitory effect. The antioxidant antierythemal action depends greatly on their concentration. The protective effects is maximal at antioxidant concentrations 2.5 . 10(-10) - 5 . 10(-9) mol . cm-2 of skin, at concentrations higher than 5 . 10(-9) mol . cm-2 the protective action is decreased. The protective effect of antioxidants depends on the irradiation dose.

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