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J Cell Physiol. 1984 Jan;118(1):53-61.

In situ oxygen consumption rates of cells in V-79 multicellular spheroids during growth.


The rate of consumption of oxygen by V-79 cells in multicellular spheroids was measured as a function of the spheroid diameter. In situ consumption was equal to that of exponentially growing cells for spheroids less than 200 micron in diameter. The rate of oxygen consumption decreased for cells in spheroids between 200 and 400 micron diameter to a value one-fourth the initial, then remained constant with further spheroid growth. Comparison of consumption rates for spheroid-derived cells before and after dissociation from the spheroid structure indicated that the spheroid microenvironment accounted for only 20% of the change in oxygen consumption rate. Cell-cell contact, cell packing, and cell volume were not critical parameters. Plateau-phase cells had a fivefold lower rate of oxygen consumption than exponential cells, and it is postulated that the spheroid quiescent cell population accounts for a large part of the intrinsic alteration in oxygen consumption of cells in spheroids. Some other mechanism must be involved in the regulation of cellular oxygen consumption in V-79 spheroids to account for the remainder of the reduction observed in this system.

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