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Life Sci. 1983 Sep 5;33(10):955-62.

Genetic selection for ethanol withdrawal severity: differences in replicate mouse lines.


We report an ongoing within-family selective breeding project for the severity of handling-induced withdrawal seizures in mice made physically dependent on ethanol by inhalation. Two Withdrawal Seizure Prone (WSP) and two Withdrawal Seizure Resistant (WSR) lines have been subjected to five generations of selection, and two control (WSC) lines are maintained. Each WSP line had more severe and each WSR line had less severe withdrawal convulsions than its respective WSC line. Differences relative to control lines were more pronounced in the WSP lines and were not due to differences in effective dose of ethanol. Heritabilities were higher in the WSP lines than in the WSR lines. These lines will be useful for studying physiological determinants of ethanol dependence and withdrawal.

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