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Nord Vet Med. 1983 Mar;35(3):140-50.

Pathophysiology of gravidity.


Regulating processes during embryonal and fetal growth are discussed (genes, hormones). Due to viral infections there can be disorder of fetal life (resorption, mumification, abortion and malformations). Mucosal Disease is hold up as an example to describe that it depends on the moment of infection, on the development of immunologic competence and on the qualities of the virus, what happens after infection. The development of immunologic competence is considered carefully. An infection with Mucosal Disease-virus can find expression in disorders of intrauterine development, malformations, manifest nerval symptoms and death because of viral reproduction in the fetus. Pathogenesis of the disturbance of the development of the central nervous system and of the skin are discussed in detail. Infection with Mucosal Disease-virus and infection with Blue Tongue-virus are compared. Different to the development of these viruses is the IBR-virus, with propagates mainly in trophoblasts. This virus causes fetal death because of anoxia or brings about necrosis in the fetus. Similar to this virus is the virus of Aujeszky's Disease, different to this virus is the Hog Cholera-virus. Except of abortion and still-birth, after infection with this virus suckling pigs can be born, which show hypoplasia of the cerebellum or dysmyelogenesis. Furthermore they can be immunologically tolerant. In conclusion there is a comment on the Parvovirus infection, which results in the SMEDI-Syndrome (stillbirth, mumification, embryonic-death, infertility): effect of infection of gametes via sperm is infertility, because there is no decomposition of corpus luteum graviditatis, the sow acts as if she is pregnant. The economical loss is extremely high.

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