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Microbiol Immunol. 1983;27(12):985-93.

A selective medium for isolation and presumptive identification of the Bacteriodes fragilis group.


A new selective medium, Bacteroides fragilis ammonium-sulfate gentamicin (BFAG) agar, for isolation and presumptive identification of the Bacteroides fragilis group is presented in this paper. This semisynthetic medium includes 0.2 g of ammonium sulfate, 0.7 g of lactose, 10 mg of gentamicin, 0.1 mg of aminobenzylpenicillin, 60 units of bacitracin, 20 mg of sodium cholate and 1 mg of sodium azide per 100 ml of medium. Stock cultures of the B. fragilis group grew well on this medium. None of the other 126 gram-positive or negative strains belonging to 40 aerobic or 45 anaerobic species tested grew on this medium. Three of the seven specimens in the clinical trials yielded colonies of only the B. fragilis group on BFAG agar plates. Also BFAG agar plates inoculated with human feces and contents of the alimentary tract (stomach, small intestine, cecum and colon) of mice gave rise to colonies of only the B. fragilis group. The high selectivity and good plating efficiency of BFAG agar enabled us to isolate the B. fragilis group rapidly from various clinical specimens.

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