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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1978 Jun 22;519(1):269-73.

The heterogeneity of rat-liver mitochondrial DNA.


Two types of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) can be distinquished in an inbred strain of rats of the Wistar type. The population of DNA molecules of the liver of one single rat is homogeneous. This was shown for a number of 100 animals and confirms the data of other investigators. The two types of mitochondrial DNA, designated A and B, differ in their number of cleavage sites for the restriction endonucleases Eco RI (2sites), Hind II (1 site) and Hha I (1 site). No differences were found for the restriction enzymes Bam HI, Hap II, Hind III and Hpa I. The degree of sequence divergence of the two types of DNA is calculated to be roughly 5% on the basis of these observations. From 20 rats part of the liver was taken and the mtDNA was characterized. Heterologous and homologous crosses between type A and type B rats were made. Analysis of the offspring revealed strictly maternal inheritance of the A and B mtDNA traits. For purposes of base-sequence analysis and RNA.DNA hybridization the strain could easily be "purified" genetically.

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