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Neuroscience. 1983 Dec;10(4):1233-47.

Projection lines and the ipsilateral retino-geniculate pathway in the hooded rat.


The organization of the hooded rat's dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus was studied with anatomical techniques, with particular regard to the representation of temporal retina and the binocular field. The ipsilateral and contralateral retinal terminal fields were examined in three stereotaxic planes following injections of horseradish peroxidase into the eye. Projections arising from the temporal crescent of the retina were studied with silver staining techniques for anterograde degeneration products. Following discrete retinal lesions there was clear evidence that the temporal retina projects in a topographic fashion both ipsilaterally and contralaterally. The orientation of the lines of projection in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus was assessed by retrograde labelling of cells after cortical implants of horseradish peroxidase. Although both the lines of projection and the ipsilateral terminal field extend rostro-caudally in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus, their paths are oblique rather than parallel. Their intersection appears to correspond to the representation in this nucleus of conjugate retinal points. This was confirmed by administering horseradish peroxidase by iontophoresis in either the binocular or monocular representation of the primary visual cortex, while one eye received an injection of [3H]proline. Only those cortical injections in the binocular region gave rise to labelled projection lines passing through the autoradiographically-labelled ipsilateral terminal field. The rat's dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus displays none of the cytoarchitectural lamination which is so prominent in the primate and cat. Even after labelling the input to the nucleus from one eye, there is still no obvious laminar relationship between the terminal fields from the two eyes. Despite the absence of lamination, the current results suggest that the principle of apposing the representation of conjugate retinal points in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus is the same in the rat as in cat and monkey.

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