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J Biomech. 1983;16(9):691-701.

Correlation of myoelectric activity and muscle force during selected cat treadmill locomotion.


The purpose of this investigation was to associate the force produced by the cat medial gastrocnemius (MG) during unrestrained treadmill locomotion with the corresponding myoelectric signals (MES's). An intervention analysis based on the autoregressive-integrated moving average (ARIMA) process was performed on records obtained at treadmill speeds of 0.67 ms-1 and 2.24 ms-1. Results indicate that the pattern of MG myoelectric activity during a single step cycle may be divided into two parts. The primary burst (E1 burst) of activity occurs before foot contact and represents an energy build up which is related to a major part of the MG force monitored at the tendon. During stance, a second burst of activity is depicted by an almost critically damped second order system, and is responsible for the residual tension observed. Thus in vivo forces can be linked to MES's provided that phase differences between electrical and mechanical responses are taken into account.

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