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J Clin Lab Immunol. 1983 Sep;12(1):31-6.

Secretory IgA synthesis in Kwashiorkor.


The synthesis of intestinal secretory IgA was studied in in vitro cultures of duodenal mucosal biopsies from children with Kwashiorkor. Production of secretory IgA was measured by the incorporation of radioactive label and visualized following PAGE and autoradiography. Results obtained before and after nutritional rehabilitation demonstrate an enhanced synthesis of sIgA in children with acute Kwashiorkor. Histological examination of plasma cells in the biopsy tissue confirms a twofold increase in IgA staining plasma cells in acute Kwashiorkor. Peripheral blood B lymphocytes in acute Kwashiorkor however, showed a reduction in IgA synthesis in the acute stage. These results suggest an effective mucosal sIgA response to the increased intestinal antigen load in Kwashiorkor.

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