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Gene. 1983 Jul;23(1):53-63.

Molecular cloning of the rDNA of Saccharomyces rosei and comparison of its transcription initiation region with that of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis.


We have cloned one complete repeating unit of rDNA from Saccharomyces rosei and determined its physical and genetic organization. Heteroduplex analysis of the rDNA units from S. rosei and S. carlsbergensis shows that the nontranscribed spacers are largely nonhomologous in sequence, whereas the transcribed regions are essentially homologous. We also determined the transcription initiation site for the 37S precursor RNA on S. rosei rDNA. Sequence comparison of the region surrounding the site of transcription initiation for the 37S RNA with the corresponding region of S. carlsbergensis revealed extensive homology from position -9 downstream into the external transcribed spacer. Very little homology was observed between position -9 and -55, but some homologous tracts are present upstream from position -55.

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