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Arch Biochem Biophys. 1983 Aug;225(1):143-8.

Relationship between the cytoplasm and the vacuole phosphate pool in Acer pseudoplatanus cells.


The Pi concentration of Acer pseudoplatanus cells in the two major intracellular compartments, the cytoplasm and the vacuole, has been studied using 31P NMR. For sycamore cells containing approximately 2 mM of total Pi, the cytoplasmic Pi and the vacuolar Pi concentrations were approximately 6 and 1.5 mM, respectively. When the cells were transferred to a phosphate-deficient medium, the vacuolar Pi decreased rapidly while the cytoplasmic Pi decreased slowly during the first 48 h, indicating that Pi in the cytoplasm was maintained at the expense of the vacuolar Pi. When the Pi-starved cells (i.e., those containing less than 0.5 mumol of total Pi/g wet wt) were transferred to a medium containing 300 microM Pi, Pi entered the cells rapidly and accumulated in the cytoplasm. Once the cytoplasmic Pi pool was filled, Pi was taken up in the vacuole until the vacuole Pi pool was filled. On the contrary when the non-Pi-starved cells were transferred to a phosphate-rich medium (i.e., containing 45 mM Pi), Pi entered the cells slowly by diffusion and accumulated in the vacuole but not in the cytoplasm. These results demonstrate that the Pi content of the cytoplasm is maintained at the expense of the vacuolar Pi pool when sycamore cells are transferred to either a phosphate-deficient or a phosphate-rich medium.

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